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A Bridge Between Nations

We have a massive rental inventory of Interpreting Equipment for Conferences, including Transmitters, Receivers, Interpreter Consoles, Full Booths, Table-top Half Booths, FM Systems, IR Systems, Two-way Tourguide Systems, Push-to-Talk Mics and lots more!

Our sales inventory consists purely of quality assistive listening, translation equipment, and conference audio brands designed for many years of trouble-free service, like Williams Sound, Listen Technologies, Bosch and Taiden.

Our most popular products include: Williams Sound PPA R37 in bulk packs, PPA VP37 Value Pack, TGS PRO 737 and Digi-Wave; Listen Tech LR-400 receiver, Listen Tech LR-4200 receiver, LS-07 in 72 MHz and 216 MHz versions; Bosch CCS 1000.

For over 21 years, ABBN has been advising customers on the most suitable equipment for their translation and assistive listening needs.

We sell only long-lasting, reliable products, from industry leaders like Williams Sound, Listen Technologies, Taiden and Bosch.

"Thank you.  We just got back from the event, and all worked just great. 

We really appreciate the extra effort from you to make sure we had it."


"You are hands down the best equipment provider we’ve worked with in the US!"


"Hey Chris,

Many many thanks for those pointers.  That is a great help.

Trace of course was a great help as always!  

Thanks again & all the best,"


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