Listen Technologies Advanced Installed FM System LS-04

Listen Technologies Advanced Installed FM System LS-04

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The Advanced Installed System includes the LR-500 Programmable Receivers, a charging case and rechargeable batteries to add functionality and value to your system. Perfect for where your guest changes the channel to find the audio source. The LR-500 receiver can be programmed to receive only the channels you are using. This system also helps public venues to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Be sure to specify whether you need 72MHz or 216MHz equipment. You can also substitute any accessories to better meet your needs, such as substituting a rack mount kit, antenna. You may also add receivers or even a wireless speaker / receiver. Use this system for auditory assistance, in-ear cueing, board and training meetings, and overflow areas. Great for outdoor events, corporations, theaters, and houses of worship.


(1) LT-800 Stationary FM Transmitter (72, 216 or 863 MHz)
(1) LA-122 Universal Antenna Kit (72 and 216 MHz)
(1) LA-130 Remote Antenna Kit (863 MHz)
(1) LA-326 Universal Rack Mounting Kit
(4) LR-500 Portable Programmable Display FM Receiver (72, 216 or 863 MHz)
(4) LA-164 Ear Speaker
(1) LA-317 4-Unit FM Product Charging/Carrying Case
(4) LA-362 NiMH AA Rechargeable Batteries (pkg. of 2)
(1) LA-304 Assistive Listening Notification Signage Kit

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