Conventional FM Assistive Listening Systems

Any of the hearing assistance systems below will work well in most environments. They all have a range of at least 500 feet (with no obstacles). Most come with 4 receivers, but you can always add any number of additional receivers now or later.

If you have listeners with hearing aids with a T-Coil switch, don't forget to add a neckloop for them. They will thank you! (because they won't have to use a headphone or earpiece, the neckloop will send the signal directly to their hearing aids).

You could also put together your own system very easily, by choosing a transmitter and then an appropriate number of receivers. Stick with the same brand for both items to make sure they will work well together.

Setup is very easy: The system should arrive pretuned, so all you have to do is hook the transmitter up to your sound source (usually a mixer). Different systems have different types of connector (XLR, 1/4" or RCA), so check which type of connector would be best for you. If possible, we suggest using XLR, especially if the cable needs to be long. 1/4" is our second choice (make sure it is a 'balanced' 1/4" cable - also known as TRS - the plugs look like stereo plugs). If neither of those will work for you, then good old RCA will be fine if the cable is short.

Depending on the available outputs on your mixer, you may need to use an adapter, or a cable with one kind of plug on one end, and a different plug on the other.

Which output on the mixer is best?

Aux Out or Aux Send: if you understand how to use Aux outputs, they will generally give you the most control.

Main Out: if there are no Aux Outs available, or if you don't understand how to use them, you can use a Main Out. The only problem is that you usually can't change the level of the signal on the mixer, because that would change the level of the sound in the room.

Tape Out: many mixers have RCA jacks labelled Tape Out, and those will often work well.

Headphone Out: if you don't have anything else available, you may be able to get an acceptable signal from the Headphone Output jack, but it's not recommended.

Williams Sound Value Pack System VP-37

Williams Sound Value Pack System VP-37


Williams Sound 	FM ADA KIT 1

Williams Sound FM ADA KIT 1


Williams Sound 	FM ADA KIT 37

Williams Sound FM ADA KIT 37


Williams Sound 	FM ADA KIT 37 RCH

Williams Sound FM ADA KIT 37 RCH


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