Conventional FM Systems

We're narrowing down the choices!

You've chosen an FM interpreting system. Now let's decide how many languages you will use at a time.

Many customers know they will only ever have one language combination - and by one language combination, we mean interpreting from one language into another, for example from English to Spanish. If that describes your situation, choose Single Language Systems below.

Or, you may need a multi-language system. By multi-language, we mean one of these 2 scenarios:

A) Your conference is bi-lingual - in other words it goes back and forth between 2 languages. For example, English to Spanish AND Spanish to English. (NOTE: a multi-language system will be considerably more expensive, so if you just have an occasional question in the other language, you might choose a single-language system, and find another way to handle questions).

B) Your event goes from one language into several others. For example from English into Spanish, and from English into Chinese.

If either of those scenarios describe your situation, choose Multi-Language Systems below. Otherwise, a Single-Language System will work fine for you.

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