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8 Best Conference Call Microphones for 2023

The best conference call microphones of 2023 will enable you to have crystal-clear conversations with your colleagues, no matter where they are located.

Whether you need a microphone for large-scale conferences, team meetings, or small private calls, there is an option out there that fits your needs.

Here are the top 8 best conference call microphones of 2023.

Updated: February 2023

Best Conference Call Microphones for 2023 – Comprehensive Review

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current setup or just get into audio conferencing, finding the right microphone can make all the difference in your calls’ success.

This review will help you find the best conference call microphone on the market that meets your needs and budget. We’ve considered a variety of factors including sound quality, connectivity options, ease of use, portability, and price to bring you our top picks.

1. Shure MV5

Main Features

  • Shure MV5-LTG Digital Condenser Microphone for USB and Lightning
  • 3 DSP Preset Modes
  • Integrated Pre-Amp
  • Zero Latency Monitoring
  • Headphone Jack
  • 24 Bit / 48 kHz Audio Capture

Why We Like It

Shure MV5 is an all-in-one digital microphone that delivers professional audio quality for capturing vocals, instruments, and more.

Plug it into your computer via USB or connect to your iOS/Android device with the Lightning or Micro USB cable (included). Onboard DSP presets allow you to quickly dial in a studio-quality sound, while the free ShurePlus MOTIV mobile app offers enhanced control over EQ, compression, limiters, and more.

What Could Have Been Improved

It is designed to work with lightning and USB devices so it’s PC, iPhone, and basic iPad. It might have been better if it had a wireless connection option as well.

2. Audio-Technica At2020 USB

Main Features

  • Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone (USB connection) for voiceover,
  • Podcasting,
  • Streaming,
  • Recording.

Why We Like It

This condenser microphone is designed to capture audio digitally with a USB output for recording directly to your computer. It features a smooth, extended frequency response and a cardioid polar pattern which captures sound sources directly in front of the microphone while reducing background noise.

The included tripod desk stand provides ideal placement and the built-in headphone jack allows you to monitor your recordings in real-time without latency or delay.

What Could Have Been Improved

Though the blue L.E.D may distract from an otherwise perfect microphone, this is a minor issue; unfortunately there currently isn’t any way to turn off the light but it does not detract significantly enough to undermine its excellence overall.

3. Blue Snowball iCE

Main Features

  • Great for Recording, Streaming, Podcasting, and Gaming on PC and Mac
  • Condenser Microphone with Cardioid Capsule
  • Adjustable Desktop Stand
  • Plug ‘n Play – Black

Why We Like It

Snowball iCE microphone is the ultimate audio upgrade for your computer.

Powered by Blue’s custom condenser capsule, it ensures exceptionally clear sound that leaps and bounds beyond a regular built-in microphone.

With a fashionable vintage design, this classic recording equipment will add a timeless allure to your recordings. Enhancing your broadcasting setup with a condenser microphone that is positioned in the ideal location to create superior sound quality while saving desktop space.

What Could Have Been Improved

The only complaint with this microphone is its durability. Over time, the quality of the microphone deteriorates and it has to be replaced more often than other more expensive microphones.

4. Anker PowerConf S3

Main Features

  • It has a built-in 6,700mAh battery power
  • AGC technology balances out voice volume
  • An LED indicator illuminates to show that you’re being heard
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Bluetooth Speakerphone with 6 Mics
  • Enhanced Voice Pickup
  • 24H Call Time
  • App Control
  • Bluetooth 5
  • USB C
  • Conference Speaker Compatible with Leading Platforms, Home Office

Why We Like It

One can enjoy crystal-clear calls with enhanced voice optimization and advanced noise reduction.

With the PowerConf S3 Bluetooth speakerphone, you can enjoy a perfectly balanced soundscape that fills your meeting room. No matter how loud or far away someone speaks, their voice will be amplified and captured with exceptional clarity.

PowerConf S3 delivers powerful collaboration with its Bluetooth speakerphone that connects to various online conferencing platforms, as well as your phone or computer via USB-C cable.

What Could Have Been Improved

With the succinctness of a compact console, one must be ever-vigilant when using it to navigate calls. The mute and hang-up buttons being situated within mere inches of each other can lead to unintended circumstances if not managed with care.

5. Movo MC1000

Main Features

  • Professional Conference USB Microphone for Computer Desktop with 180°
  • 20′ Long Pick up Range for PC
  • Windows & Mac
  • iOS – Plug and Play Easy Installation

Why We Like It

Compatible with MAC and PC: Works with Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, WebEx, and any other VoIP or Chat applications. Perfect for Macs and PCs.

Noise reduction technology: Built-in noise canceling technology helps you sound crystal clear on the other end so your remote meetings run smoothly.

ear Movo warranty: Invest in the best for your remote conferences.

Easy setup: Just plug into your desktop or laptop computer and get started right away. No extra software or drivers are needed.

What Could Have Been Improved

Microsoft dictation applications are not designed to work optimally with speech recognition software. The accuracy of the results is often poor, and it can be difficult to get them to understand your commands or instructions.

6. VocoPro

Main Features

  • Compatible with most VocoPro digital voice recorders
  • 50Hz – 20kHz frequency response
  • Wireless microphone system
  • XLR connector
  • Interference-resistant UHF band operation

Why We Like It

Offering 16 channels and pristine audio at distances of up to 200ft away, it’s one of the most powerful mics on Chip technology.

It is also adeptly designed to be immune from TV broadcast interference, keeping your sound quality consistent and clear. With this VocoPro digital microphone set, communication among up to 16 participants is made easier and smoother. Every mic has its very own identity which guarantees crystal-clear sound without any interference from other channels.

What Could Have Been Improved

The only downside is that these mics are one-directional. This means that they are designed to pick up sound from one direction only and not from the sides or back. This can be a bit of an issue when recording in less-than-ideal acoustic conditions.

7. Polycom HDX 8000

Main Features

  • 1080 + 4-site Multi-Point License Pre-Loaded Bundle with EagleEye PTZ Camera
  • Mic Array
  • Remote 7200-23160-001

Why We Like It

This sophisticated ceiling mic is a top-tier audio solution, boasting an impressive 22kHZ of 360-degree voice pickup coverage. Perfect for large spaces up to 2,500 square feet in size.

The Polycom HDX ceiling mic enables the full advantage of both their renowned video and audio solutions, providing a fully immersive experience.

What Could Have Been Improved

The only downside with Polycom HDX 8000 is the cost. It is one of the more expensive models, so it may not be suitable for smaller businesses or those on a tight budget.

8. Bosch CCS 1000 Conference System

Main Features

  • They have excellent speech intelligibility, that’s clear and precise;
  • Up to 25 microphones can be activated simultaneously, and this number can be set by the moderator;
  • Some models utilize the Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression (DAFS), which gives them the ability to have a high volume without ‘howling’ feedback problems,
  • Built-in mp3 recording.

Why We Like It

The Bosch CCS 1000 conferencing system offers an unparalleled combination of advanced features and versatility. From quick plug-and-play installation to its quality output, the CCS 1000 is perfect for a variety of meeting areas, making it rental companies’ go-to choice.

With the Bosch CCS 1000 conferencing system, moderators have the ultimate power to manage and lead any discussion. The features are truly top-notch; with optional Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppression for excellent recording sound quality, and 6 HD cameras offering greater-than-life video visuals that can connect up a whopping 80 devices (240 when combined with extension power supplies), you’ll be able to break out of your chair in excitement!

What Could Have Been Improved

Bosch CCS 1000 is a luxurious piece of technology but its hefty price tag may make it too costly for smaller operations or those struggling to stay within their budget. This is the only downside of it.

How to Choose a Call Conference Microphone

Choosing the right microphone for your voice calls can be a tricky process. There are several different types of microphones available, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things to consider when selecting a conference call microphone:

Noise Cancellation

Background noise during voice calls can ruin the conversation, so look for microphones that featureactive noise cancellation to reduce ambient noise and improve sound clarity.


Not all microphones are compatible with every device, so make sure the microphone you choose is compatible with the electronics you use.

Pickup Pattern

Different types of pickup patterns will increase or decrease your sound clarity. Directional mics pick up sounds from a specific direction, making them ideal for solo use, while omnidirectional mics pick up sounds from all directions, giving them better sound quality for group conversations.


If budget is a concern when choosing a call mic, look for one that offers great sound quality at an affordable price point.


Some microphones come with additional features like built-in equalizers and noise gates to customize your sound and improve clarity even further.

Why Are Special Mics Important for Conference Calls?

Special mics are important for conference calls because they help ensure that everyone’s voices can be heard clearly. Without them, there is potential for conversations to become distorted and have higher chances of misunderstandings.

Special mics also help reduce background noise and echo, which makes it easier for participants to focus on the discussion. They can also provide a more enjoyable experience as they help capture natural-sounding audio that makes it easier for participants to feel like they’re in the same room together.

By investing in quality special mics, businesses can benefit from improved communication among team members during their conference calls. This helps keep everyone informed, up-to-date, and working together efficiently.

Having high-quality audio also makes it easier for people to stay engaged during longer calls.

Special mics can provide a more comfortable and efficient way for everyone to communicate, leading to better collaboration among team members.

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