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Interpreting Equipment for a Successful Event

Conferences involving a wide range of different topics have a need for interpretation equipment. An interpretation system consists of several components: the Interpretation Booth, the Interpretation Console, the Transmitters / Radiators, and the wireless receivers. Delivering important event messages to a multilingual audience requires special event interpreting equipment, whether your meeting is taking place in a small boardroom or a massive conference center. For each interpreter to effectively translate, they must understand the presenter’s and their voice clearly. When planning a multilingual event, presentation, or group tour, it is necessary to use a variety of conference event interpreting equipment to meet the specific needs of the participants.


Interpretation Booths 

It is necessary to use interpretation booths to provide sound insulation for interpreters to perform their jobs efficiently without being distracted by external noises. Traditionally, this is the preferred setup of an event that requires simultaneous interpretation. Mobile booths, available to rent from several professional simultaneous interpreting equipment providers, are the most common alternative to permanent booths in conference centers. They must be large enough to accommodate two interpreters who typically take turns every 30 minutes in the booths. Interpreters can hear what is said on the floor because the booths are outfitted with consoles, headsets, and microphones. Participants can wear headphones to listen in on the interpretation provided by booth staff when and if required as an added convenience.


Interpreter Consoles

The Interpreter Console is a computer system that allows Interpreters to listen to one or more audio language inputs and then speak the interpretation into a microphone while working. This microphone is connected to control units and transmitters, allowing the interpretation to be transmitted to people equipped with translation receivers. The interpreter consoles are provided with various features that help improve the efficiency and comfort of the interpreter, such as the ability to select an input channel, mute the transmission, and adjust the audio volume. Equipment for simultaneous translation and interpretation is the most effective solution available. For professional interpretation systems, interpreter consoles are the best option. Both bilingual and multilingual consoles allow interpreters to collaborate on projects. You can choose between performing direct interpretation or selecting the relay mode, which will enable you to listen to the interpretation from a different language that this interpreter can understand.


Interpretation Receivers & Transmitters

The transmitters operate on various frequencies with a large number of channels in each frequency range. This ensures that you receive crystal-clear voice signals in various languages. Connections between the stationery transmitter and the primary audio system are made. Radiofrequency (RF) audio signals of high quality are broadcast to wireless speakers, wireless receivers, and stationary receivers. The audience will be able to hear the translation in the specific language channel load clear due to this arrangement. The use of radiators allows the signal from transmitters to be broadcast into larger areas. The radiators are installed in various locations dependent on the specifics of the event venue, which have been thoroughly measured.

Several items must be considered when planning an event that will require interpretation. The interpretation equipment will need to be on standby to make the event successful in serving the multilingual participants in the events. When it comes to events, you must consider the setup process, the pre-event testing, the on-site technical support during the interpretation, and the welfare of those who will be interpreting.



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