Williams Sound FM Receivers

FM Receivers are the most important device if you want each participant in the event, conference, or room to understand others. It helps you amplify the audience questions, speakers’ remarks, and ensuing discussions. On top of that, they can also help you clarify conversations and lower the background noise.

Williams Sound FM Receivers are the best option to eliminate man-made noise, outside noise, and other distortions and distractions and help you support speakers and participants during the event.

Features of Williams Sound Receivers

Offers Language Transmission

It offers you one-way language transmission of more than one language so that the speaker can understand others. If you want a complete system, you can purchase Williams Sound PPA R37-8 that includes eight receivers. But if you want a single receiver, options like Listen Technologies iDSP LR-5200 are perfect for you.

Comes with Alkaline Batteries

Most of the Williams Sound FM Receivers come with alkaline batteries that offer longevity and better performance. If you purchase a chargeable version of the FM Receivers, they work for longer hours without charging.

Provides You the Latest Technologies

These products are made using the latest technologies and next-gen methods. Due to their strategic construction and manufacturing, they improve your experience of the interpretation sound system.

Eliminates Geographical Interference

If you are planning to organize your event in a place that has a risk of interference, these are the best option for you. Williams Sound FM receivers can reduce even minor geographical interference so that the participants and speaker can focus on the objective.

Best Options Compare to AM Receivers

Although many companies and businesses use AM receivers, they are sensitive to noise. There is more risk of getting distorted signals, which results in distorted audio.

AM Receivers are also not efficient when it comes to power usage. On the other hand, FM Receivers come with high-quality batteries that last a long time.

PPA R37 20-pack by Williams Sound

PPA R37 20-pack by Williams Sound


Listen Technologies iDSP LR-4200

Listen Technologies iDSP LR-4200


Listen Technologies iDSP LR-5200

Listen Technologies iDSP LR-5200


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