Do you struggle to conduct multi-language PTA meetings?

A simple, portable translation system can help your meetings run much more smoothly.

You will provide a person to do the interpreting, and one of our reasonably-priced, easy to operate, reliable translation systems will convey his or her voice to the listeners that need to hear in their own language.

Many schools use a simple, single language system like the Williams Sound TGS Pro 737.

If you need to handle several languages, then the TGS Pro Multi may be more suitable.

Hearing Assistance

Hearing-impaired student? Teaching a class with a hearing-impaired student isn’t easy, but with a simple FM assistive listening system especially designed for classroom use, your job will be much easier!

The Williams Sound FM Pro is designed for exactly that purpose. It will relay the teacher’s voice directly to an unobtrusive earpiece worn by the student. Or if the student has a hearing aid with a T-Coil switch, he/she can use a neckloop to send a signal directly to their hearing aid.

Give us a call, at 480 596 0047, and we’ll help find the right system for your school!

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