Our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Platform for your online meetings and events.



What is InterpretCloud?


InterpretCloud is a remote simultaneous interpreting cloud platform that allows you to receive simultaneous interpreting in any online platform you choose to host your meeting or event. You can use your own interpreter, or we can find one for you.

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Why is InterpretCloud better?

One of the biggest distinguishing factors which separates us from other competitors is how attendees can connect via a web link, FM receivers, mobile or desktop app, or dial-in. These features cover a far broader range of client scenarios than what other remote services are offering.



  • Connect Anywhere. Customers can connect via the web, mobile app, FM system. It works with any platform (Zoom, Webex, Teamsm, etc), and you don’t need to pay for another platform.
  • Cost-effective. Our platform is significantly more cost effective than other platforms in the market.
  • Use our own Interpreter, or we get you one. You are not obliged to hire our professional interpreters if you’re comfortable with your previous ones.
  • Works even without internet. If there is no internet available, you can dial in using a phone to hear the interpretation.
  • Secure: All web conferences happen over a secure network protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Easy to use. Amazing quality.
  • No data saved on our end. We do not store any of your information, including your email.
  • Full control over meeting. Microphones can be set to automatically mute when attendees join the event. Chat can be enabled or disabled. Only hosts can screenshare.


Learn more in our Demo.



How can you connect to InterpretCloud?

Web Browser

We provide you with a link for them to connect with interpreters online.

Mobile App

You can download the mobile app and put the meeting code in.

Dial In

If needed, you can dial in on a phone to hear the interpreters.

FM System

If all participants are on-site, while interpreters are located remotely, an FM system can be connected to our remote platform and attendees can connect as they usually would with FM headsets.


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