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Interpreting Booths for Sale

Interpreting booths can provide a comfortable, almost soundproof environment for interpreters in multilingual events. Quality booths ensure that there is no sound interference between different interpreters, the listeners, and the key speaker. The interpreters are able to maintain the level of concentration needed for effective interpretation. The listeners, on the other hand, will hear the interpreters’ voices without annoying background noise, and audience members who are not listening to the interpreting will not be disturbed by the voices of the interpreters.

What are the options?

The choice of an interpreting booth depends on the size of your event and the number of interpreters that you need. You can find small interpreting booths to accommodate a single interpreter or larger ones that accommodate up to three people. Interpreting booths come in two different categories: full-size interpreting booths and tabletop interpreting booths.

  • Tabletop interpreting booths are placed on top of a table and only house the interpreting equipment and the interpreter’s upper body. They are also not fully enclosed, so they provide just the basic sound separator. To prevent the sound from leaking in and out, it is best to place them with their back away from attendees. The upside of tabletop interpreting booths is that they are easily portable and are easy to set up and dismantle. This makes them ideal for medium-sized events, or where setup time is limited.
  • Full-size interpreting booths come fully enclosed, complete with a door, four walls, a ceiling, a ventilation system, and some even come with their own floor! They are standalone structures that interpreters sit inside with their interpretation equipment. These need a bigger space and more time to assemble. On the upside, they are much more sound dampening. This makes them ideal for crowded rooms, and large, loud events.

Interpreting booths available at ABBN

At ABBN, you can find the interpreting booths that fit your event requirements at very affordable prices. On top of that, we give you technical support over the phone for the lifetime of the interpreting booths that you buy from us. We are knowledgeable in interpreting booths, so you will be buying from industry leaders. You can find the following interpreting booths from us:

  • Tabletop booth
  • The standard full booth that accommodates 2 people
  • Deluxe full booth

If you would rather rent interpreting booths for your onetime event, we rent as well. And of course, we also rent all the equipment that interpreting booths require.

Interpreting Booths

Do you ever wonder how you could improve your interpreting experience? Do you find external noises interfering and reducing the efficiency of your job? Or do you need an ideal work environment to carry out your interpretation task? Then the Interpreting Booth will come in handy since they help you achieve an almost perfect workspace.

The Interpreting booths are necessary for interpretation because they provide an optimal working space; they offer quality acoustic separation between the audience and the interpreter. In cases of multi-lingual events, they provide the same separation between the teams of interpreters for the various languages. The interpreting booths have excellent sound insulation, shutting external noises out, and operative noiseless ventilation. Some of our interpreting booths also offer great built-in lighting.

Our interpreting booths can be easily assembled, and they are easy to tear down. The tabletop interpreting booths are ideal for small environments, lower budget events, or places that do not require a full enclosure. Although they do not provide full sound insulation, they are sufficient to reduce some noise. The standard full interpreting booths work by providing an effective working condition. The interpreting booth acoustic separating feature is not limited to the audience and interpreter but it can be used between multiple interpreter teams working in different languages. It allows a clear view for the interpreters.

Interpreting booths are highly required for conferences, medical seminars, and other situations that may require the service of an interpreter. The best choices are dependent on what you need it for and your budget size. Not all interpreting booths can be installed in the conferencing room they are needed in. They can be installed in remote areas and connected to a remote monitor that allows the interpreter to have a good visual of the speaker.

The process of interpreting without any interference from noise or clashing conversations is why one should consider using interpreting booths for their conferences, seminars, classroom discussions, etc. Always go for the interpreting booth that meets your needs.

Why buy from ABBN.com?

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