Listen Technologies LR-400 Receiver

Listen Technologies LR-400 Receiver

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Listen Tech LR-400 Portable Display FM Receiver (available in 72MHz or 216MHz). 


The LR-400 Portable Display FM Receiver is a lower cost digital display receiver. It has the same exceptional audio quality and convenient recharging options as Listen's other full-featured receivers. The LR-400 can receive up to 17 wide band channels with 40 narrow band (72 MHz), or 19 wide band with 38 narrow band (216 MHz). The LR-400 has a digital display (LCD) to monitor channel selection, battery level, and signal strength. An LED on top of the receiver indicates if the unit is on, when batteries are low or if the unit is locked on a channel. It has channel SEEK capability and is compatible with mono or stereo earphones.
LR-400 Portable Display FM Receiver
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