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Listen Technologies: Affordable Quality and Versatility

Listen Tech’s products deliver the clarity, the precision, and the reliability that are absolutely necessary in today’s world. Whether giving a tour for visiting dignitaries, training international employees, or providing dialog in a performing arts center, Listen Tech’s wireless audio solutions deliver crystal clear audio so you can ensure people don’t miss a thing.

As of July 11th, 2013, the FCC has approved both 216MHz AND 72 MHz products for language translation within the USA, as well as for assistive listening. This is great news, as 72 MHz equipment is often less expensive than 216 MHz equipment.

Many countries require FM interpretation equipment and FM assistive listening equipment to use specific frequencies that may be different from those used in the USA. Please check with the appropriate regulatory authority before purchasing.

Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies provide unique audio products, power-packed for excellent delivery and improve the user’s interpreting experience. They have reliably given users audio products with a clear, clean sound. Listen Technologies have provided solutions to a number of serious audio challenges, like advanced noise reduction; transmitting and receiving sound clean, clear audio over distances up to 1000 feet; overcoming interference; and most importantly, the challenge of hearing loss.

Listen Technologies have advanced features as they are versatile, making them suitable to use for any event, at any time, and any venue. Listen Technologies is not limited when it comes to their usage. They are used for outdoor activities, indoor activities, or recreational activities. They are practical for giving tours, as portable systems can receive and transmit sound up to more than 600 feet. They’re used for training as well and even offer two-way communication. You can use Listen Technologies for business purposes or for educational purposes, like classroom discussions, seminars, etc. They are also used in the places of worship, like the Church or Mosque.

It’s important to note that Listen Technologies’ usage is not limited to the aforementioned. Over time, Listen Technologies has gained popularity, especially since they partnered up with Disney for the project, MagicALL.

Listen Technology’s product range includes full systems, individual transmitters, and Listen Technologies accessories.

Listen Technologies assures a limited warranty of up to 5 years, depending on the product. As a bonus, Listen Technologies offers a free 30-days demo of any system for domestic users. Nonetheless, it allows you to experience firsthand how Listen Technologies help you capture the moment using advanced audio technology.

Listen Technologies reviews of manufacturer

Larry Peterson: Good hearing device. I wonder if they make a split to take advantage of both ears? I also wonder if they make one that has amplification?

Fred Arnold: I have hearing loss. The ear speaker works well with hearing aids when used with a receiver instead of earphones at our church.

Denis Buhman: Now I can hear every word spoken from the speakers at church. My one and only one ear is sufficient, finally, for me to fully hear all that’s spoken from the pulpit.

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