Great! You've arrived at a decision that you would like a 216 MHz semi-portable FM interpreting system for multiple languages. So one of these statements is probably true:

A) Your conference is bi-lingual - in other words it goes back and forth between 2 languages. For example, English to Spanish AND Spanish to English.

B) Your event goes from one language into several others. For example from English into Spanish, and from English into Chinese.

Multi-language systems can be quite complicated to choose. It would probably be a good idea to contact us to make sure you order the right components for your particular needs.

If situation A applies to you, your best choice would be: 2 transmitters and 1 interpreter console. You can choose any of the receivers in the quantity you need.

If situation B applies, you will need a transmitter for each language, and if you can afford it, an interpreter console for each language. Again, you would add the appropriate number of receivers. The Listen 216 MHz receivers are rated officially at 3 languages, however we have used 5 without any difficulty in narrowband mode.

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