* Need a quick and easy Language Laboratory to test your student interpreters?

* Want to listen in on your interpreting students to hear how they are doing?

* Our Portable Language Lab Equipment makes that easy!

You can send an audio feed to all of your interpreters through the Master Unit, then up to 14 different students can interpret that into any other language. As the teacher, you can listen to any of those 14 interpreters at any time to check on their performance. It's that easy! The whole system fits into a suitcase-sized shipping case and can be sent all over the country or even overseas!

ABBN Portable Language Lab Equipment

Rent A Language Lab

Rent a Portable Language Lab Equipment

Our Portable Language Lab Equipments are very inexpensive to rent: just $425/day plus shipping for 14 students and 1 teacher. Discounts available if you have a smaller group.

Buy a Language Lab

Buy a Portable Language Lab

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