Portable Language Lab Equipment

Transmit audio to up to 14 student interpreters via the Master Unit, allowing teachers to assess any interpreter’s performance in real-time. 


The system allows seamless playback of audio feeds for up to 14 interpreters, while teachers can efficiently monitor and assess individual performances. With easy recording capabilities, this equipment enhances language learning through practical and interactive exercises.

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Components of Portable Language Lab Equipment

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Connectivity and Integration

Compatibility with Devices

This equipment excels in connectivity, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices. Whether it’s laptops, tablets, or smartphones, the system effortlessly integrates with modern technology, providing flexibility and convenience for teachers and students in diverse learning environments.

Network Connectivity

Tailored for the modern learning landscape, the system guarantees robust network connectivity, enabling seamless communication between the Master Unit and up to 14 student interpreters. This network integration elevates collaborative language learning, fostering an interactive and connected educational experience.

Customized Requests

Your event, your way. Submit your customized requests for interpreting equipment, and let our expert team craft a solution that perfectly aligns with your event vision.

Support and Technical Assistance

Whether you have questions, need troubleshooting, or require guidance, our responsive team is here to provide timely and effective solutions.