Portable Language Lab

Portable Language Lab

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Product Description

This is an audio-only, portable language laboratory for up to 14 students and 1 teacher.

Perfect for monitoring or testing students of simultaneous interpretation.

The Master Unit transmits an audio (floor) feed to each student, who then interpret into another language, each on their own channel. The teacher can easily switch between any of the channels in order to monitor all the interpreters. System Includes:

15 DLT 300 Transceivers (1 for floor, and 14 for students)

14 Mic 045 Dual-ear interpreter headsets

15 Protective Skins

1 Docking Station

1 DLR 360 Receiver (for the teacher)

1 HED 021 Headphone

Carrying Case

Do you have a language learning lab? Are your students struggling to participate in the class?

Language lab equipment can help you and your students interact with each other. You can offer the best learning experience by installing a language lab device in your laboratory. This Portable Language Lab helps students excel in their communication skills.

With the Portable Language Lab, teachers find it easier to give feedback, while students can understand and respond in every discussion. Not only this, but teachers can also test or monitor each participant in the class.

Features of Language Lab Equipment

Allows Multiple Participants

This audio-only portable system allows one teacher and 14 students to participate in the language learning course. It comes with a Master Unit to transmit the audio to each student and transfer it into another language. You can adjust the setting of each channel so that students can listen to the translation in their mother tongue.

Offer Transceivers

The device comes with 15 DLT 300 transceivers, allowing students and teachers to communicate. This way, both professors and participants can communicate with each other.

Dual Ear-Interpreter Headsets

Wearing headsets for a couple of hours can cause pain and irritation in your ears. This is why Portable Language Lab comes with dual ear interpreter headsets. A Bridge between Nations has made a perfect design that is lightweight and feels soft on your ears.

Docking Station

This language lab equipment also comes with a docking station to connect each transceiver. The best part is that you can set the system in a short period.

DLR 360 Receivers

There is only one receiver in the system, specially designed to facilitate teachers. This part of the system helps the teacher understand what their students are saying.

Teachers can answer students’ questions and clarify their views by understanding each word, even if they speak a foreign language.

Carrying Case

If you are thinking about relocating your language lab or delivering sessions in different locations, you can benefit from its case.

This system comes with a carrying case which you can use to secure each component and carry it wherever you want. Besides that, the case is durable and can withstand damage. 

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