SKU: LP-51-072-01

Twelve (12) LR-5200-072-P1 Intelligent DSP RF Receiver Package 1 (72 MHz) • One (1) LA-381-01 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging Tray (North America)


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Product Description

Ideal for upgrading an existing system or making assistive listening available to a larger audience, the LP-51-072-01 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver 12-Pack includes everything needed for conferences, classrooms, or large venues.

Each pack includes twelve (12) of our LR-5200-072 RF receivers—the industry-leading, multi-channel digital receiver featuring a compact design, best-in-class pickup, and reduced noise. The built-in rechargeable battery technology makes the LR-5200-072 an economical and environmentally friendly choice, reducing the costs of operation and ownership while offering extended use. Each unit features a micro-USB connection which, in addition to being used for quick and convenient battery charging, also allows for fast and simple firmware updates, with free iDSP software, setup, and programming.

The integrated neck loop and lanyard with DSP loop driver makes the LR-5200-072 easy to wear and convenient for listeners with T-coil equipped hearing aids. Additionally, the OLED display built in to each receiver provides at-a-glance information including channel status, battery level, and more.

Ensure that everyone can take advantage of the best assistive listening system available with the LP-51-072-01 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF Receiver 12-Pack from Listen Technologies.

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