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Additional rechargeable Li-ion battery pack for Confidea FLEX G4 to:- Provide additional power to extend operating time with another 12h, totaling 24h of typical use with the battery included with the Confidea FLEX G4.- Enable alternating charging schemes by hot swapping batteries in the Confidea FLEX G4 dual battery compartment while keeping the units connected to the access point

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Product Description

Designed for portability, Confidea FLEX G4 will not let battery life get in the way of a productive meeting. Each unit comes with a compact Li-ion rechargeable battery pack Confidea BP G4, that will keep the system up and running for 12 hours. The smart battery pack is monitored and controlled via a built-in microcontroller which tracks the recharging process and prevents overloading.

Do you need to replace an empty battery while the system is still operating (‘hot swapping’)? No problem. Simply add a spare and remove the empty one. No need to reboot. Don’t forget to charge the battery: it only takes two hours. Each unit has two battery compartments.

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