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The Confidea FLEX G4 is a touch enabled wireless tabletop conference unit including:- Multifunctional button for delegate, chairman and dual use- Push & Lock USB-C microphone connector- Loudspeaker- Hot swap dual battery compartment- USB-C port at back of unit- 5,2″ capacitive touch screen- Tactile reference- Haptic feedback- Anti-fingerprint coating- NFC card reader- 2 x Headphone connectorComes with one Confidea BP G4 included that lasts 12h on a full charge.Additional battery can be ordered separately to:- Provide additional power to extend operating time to 24h of typical use- Enable alternating charging schemes by hot swapping batteries in the Confidea FLEX G4 dual battery compartment while keeping the units connected to the access pointMike PLM type microphone to be ordered separately.Based on licenses the unit can unlock more functionalit

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Product Description

Meet the all-in-one wireless conferencing system of tomorrow. Confidea FLEX G4 smartly combines an easy set-up and configuration with the world’s most advanced features in terms of quality and user-friendliness. Activate or deactivate voting, authentication, language channels and more through a simple tap. And switch between chairperson or delegate, on a single

The touchscreen offers relevant meeting details, such as the agenda, the identity of the speaker, your position in the queue, polls, and much more. Feel free to personalize the layout by adding your logo.

But Confidea FLEX G4 doesn’t just look different. It feels different too. For special interactions (e.g., voting procedures), the display uses haptic feedback. When you cast your vote, the system will gently vibrate, recreating the experience of a physical touch.

Visually impaired users will enjoy the tactile indicators and the 5 additional navigation guides underneath the screen.

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