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The Confidea FLEX is a touch enabled tabletop conference unit including:- Multifunctional button for delegate, chairman and dual use- Screw lock microphone connector- Loudspeaker- 5,2″ capacitive touch screen- Tactile reference- Haptic feedback- Anti-fingerprint coating- NFC card reader- 2 x Headphone connectorCan be powered over Plixus network. D-MIC type microphone to be ordered separately.Based on licenses the unit can unlock more functionality (To be ordered separately per unit. See “Confidea FLEX” under chapter “Software”.)

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Product Description

The unit comes with a 5.2″ touch screen for dynamic information, an integrated speaker, a microphone connector, an NFC badge reader, microphone buttons with hidden LED lights and braille guides. The device works with the architecture of the Plixus network and can be combined with other systems. Its slim and modern design make it feel at home anywhere. Microphone sold separately.

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