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The Wireless Access Point supports the following functions and capabilities:- Based on standard WiFi5 standard- Clean channel manager that scans for the optimal channel use- Operates in the limited access DFS channels maximizing the available spectrum- Self healing channel switching seamlessly switches to another channel when interference encountered or radar is detected on DFS channel- 3 x 2 MIMO antenna design with diversity to mitigate multipath effect resulting in robust wireless link- Omni directional radiation pattern with range of 40m- Highly secure by using WPA2 Enterprise encryption- Discovery mode button for easy deployment- Support for 128 Confidea G4 devices- Confero browser based configuration and monitoring software included- PoE+ LAN port – Dante port: 8 IN, 8 OUT- Balanced analog IN and OUT- Built-in recording capability- 2 x Plixus ports- Multi-purpose mounting plateRequires: PoE+

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Product Description

The compact, discreet yet powerful Confidea WAP G4 access point is the heart of the wireless conference system. It comes with a set of tools to define the optimal use of channels within the RF spectrum, ensuring a reliable, secure and robust communication with the wireless conference units. The built-in web-based software will guide the installer through the configuration of the system. By adding a license, extra meeting management tools can be unlocked and offer meeting moderation, voting, participant identification and reporting capabilities. The access point also has a wealth of connectivity options. Powering the device can be done via a standard PoE+ switch or power injector, the Confidea PS G4. Both analog and digital (Dante) interfaces are available for interfacing 3rd party audio systems like presentation systems, room audio systems or hybrid meeting platforms. Easy recording capabilities are provided with options to record on internal or external storage.

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