SKU: DLT 400

Digi-Wave transceiver, 400 series. Includes battery and DW ACC PAC4 single-unit power supply.


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Product Description

The Digi-Wave 400 Transmitter is a digital spread-spectrum (DSS) that can transmit and receive audio simultaneously. It operates in the 2.4 GHz band that offers a portable solution to assistive listening and interpretation applications. Its frequency-hopping algorithm allows the system to continuously switch frequencies, ensuring security and preventing interference.

The Digi-Wave 400 Transmitter allows users to listen and talk to one another wirelessly. It is compatible with the listen-only Digi-Wave 300 Receiver (with limited features) and Digi-Wave 400 Receiver. When pairing one or more Digi-Wave Transmitters and receivers, you can facilitate communication in scenarios such as guided tours, language interpretation, intercom communication, government sidebar communications, and more.

To download firmware updates for your Digi-Wave product, please contact TechBlue.

System Includes The DLT 400 has an internal rechargeable battery and includes the charging pack DW ACC PAC4.

Features A Digi-Wave system consists of at least one transceiver (DLT 400) and various combinations of transceivers and receivers (DLR 400 RCH or DLR 400 ALK). Combinations of one or more DLT’s and DLR’s can be used to facilitate different events, depending on what needs to be spoken and what needs to be heard. Typical scenarios include:

Guided Tours – with one or more tour guides (2-way), with audience participation (2-way), or without audience participation (1-way) Language Interpretation – one or more interpreted languages transmitted to audience (1-way) Intercom – with up to six people able to speak simultaneously, and even more listening Hearing Assistance – featuring boosted audio for improved comprehension

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