SKU: DWS PCS 2 400

Digi-Wave 400 Series Personal Communication System includes: (2) DLT 400 transceivers, (2) MIC 144 headset microphones, (1) CCS 043 system carry case, (1) CCS 061 BK black silicone skin, (1) CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin.


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Product Description

“The lightweight, portable, and secure Digi-Wave system serves as the go-to solution for facilitating two-way communication across various industries and scenarios, from classrooms to courtrooms.

Ensure Secure Audio – Our Digi-Wave systems feature a frequency-hopping algorithm to prevent interference, along with optional pin code access to prevent unauthorized users from eavesdropping. Whether it’s confidential discussions in boardrooms, legal proceedings, or other sensitive communications, your audio remains protected from unauthorized access where privacy is paramount.

Portable Convenience – This system is complete portability, allowing easy transportation and storage. The portable, lightweight transmitters, receivers, and accessories mean easy setup and operation, ensuring exceptional sound quality wherever you go.

Flexible Expansion – For larger gatherings or additional participants, you can easily expand the system by purchasing extra transceivers (DLT 400) and/or receivers (Rechargeable – DLR 400 RCH) (Alkaline – DLR 400 ALK), ensuring seamless communication in diverse settings such as factory tours, courtroom proceedings, or business meetings.

System Includes
(2) DLT 400 transceivers
(2) MIC 144 headset microphones
(1) CCS 043 system carry case
(1) CCS 061 BK black silicone skin
(1) CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin.”

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