Digi-Wave 400 Series Tour Guide System for one guide and up to 20 listeners. Includes: (1) DLT 400 transceiver, (20) DLR 400 ALK receivers, (1) MIC 144 headset microphone, (20) EAR 022 surround earphones, (20) BAT 010-2 AAA alkaline batteries, (1) CCS 056 26 system carry case, (1) CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin.


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Product Description

“The frequency-hopping algorithm of the Digi-Wave system ensures secure, seamless communication without any interference. This tour guide system comes with a durable carrying case for convenient transport, a headset for the guide, and earphones for guests.

System Includes
(1) DLT 400 transceiver
(20) DLR 400 ALK receivers
(1) MIC 144 headset microphone
(20) EAR 022 surround earphones
(20) BAT 010-2 AAA alkaline batteries
(1) CCS 056 26 system carry case
(1) CCS 061 GR grey silicone skin”

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