FM Plus – Large-area Dual FM and Wi-Fi base transmitter with network control, OLED display, DSP audio processing, room control via Telnet commands, analog XLR input and line output. Includes: (1) ANT 025 antenna, (1) TFP 048 power supply, (1) WCA 013 audio cable, (1) WLC 004 line cord. FM operates in the 72-76 MHz band.


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Product Description

“The FM+ C integrates professional WaveCAST Wi-Fi audio server technology into a Williams AV FM assistive listening system and integrates with third-party room systems. AV professionals can control third-party room systems with Telnet commands via Ethernet and end users can listen with either an FM receiver or with their own smartphone (via the WaveCAST Receiver App). Along with this flexibility comes exceptional audio quality, as the FM+ C is built on a professional digital audio (DSP) platform.

The FM+ C is designed to support those who want to use their own smartphones and headphones for a more discreet assistive listening experience. Simplicity is also available for those who want a more traditional assistive listening system with a dedicated FM receiver and headset. Venues no longer need to choose between providing FM or Wi-Fi assistive listening systems. FM+ C supports both the new iOS and Android WaveCAST Receiver Apps — in addition to all of the current and legacy Williams Sound FM receivers operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth.

Most settings can be changed via the front panel interface, or the hosted web interface. A remote programming guide is available upon request.

The FM+ C uses the WaveCAST app to provide an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. It is available in iOS or Android. Listeners easily select channel and volume level once their personal device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. The app does not work on FM Broadcasts.

System Includes
(1) ANT 025 antenna
(1) TFP 062 power supply
(1) WLC 004 line cord”

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