Fully digital control of the main unit and digital transmission between congress units and the main unit based on TAIDEN’s proprietary MCA-STREAM digital processing and transmitting technologies

HCS-4100 Series Fully Digital Congress System 202312

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Product Description
  • Audio signal processing by dedicated high-performance DSP with its audio sampling at 48 kHz and 32 kHz
  • Flexible for connection with various audio input or output devices
  • Intercom
  • Various forms of rooms combining/splitting with TAIDEN’s dedicated devices
  • Compatible with TAIDEN HCS-8300 Series Paperless Multimedia Congress System (without the features distinctive of the HCS-8300 series)
  • Transmitting up to 64(1+63) channels of digital audio signals and accommodating more audiences with channel selectors and/or IR language distribution system
  • Able to work in stand-alone mode for speech, discussion, voting (Yes/No/Abstain) and simultaneous interpretation
  • Comprehensive meeting management functions with dedicated management software, such as microphone management, a variety forms of voting, etc.
  • Hot backup of the main unit where another main unit is configured as a standby and ready to take over once the system fails
  • Automatic switch of the main unit to stand-alone mode in case of PC failures to ensure a smooth meeting flow
  • Compatible with peripheral devices for video tracking, alarm system and central control over network

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