HyCon System 202312

Based on a cutting-edge hardware processing platform and algorithm (H.264 High Profile), HCS-9000M provides a real-time video and perfect immersive meetings experience by integrating TAIDEN’s on-site and remote conference systems

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Product Description
New generation hardware brings the ultimate experience
  • Adopts cutting-edge hardware processing platform, ensuring high resolution video display and smooth conference collaboration
  • Compatible with multiple terminal devices such as conference units in local meeting rooms and remote pcs for a hybrid conference
High-quality AV guarantees immersive real-time communication
  • Adopts the H.264 algorithm to save more than 50% of bandwidth, guaranteeing a seamless conference experience
  • AAC-LD standards provide ultra-high sound quality experience
Great compatibility ensures eco and asset-friendliness
  • 1√óRCA stereo audio input/output
  • Creates a smooth hybrid experience with the existing TAIDEN conference system by investing only in TAIDEN video conferencing solution

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