SKU: LR-4200-IR-P1

One (1) LR-4200-IR Intelligent DSP IR Receiver • One (1) LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard • One (1) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker


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Product Description

“Complete Intelligent DSP (iDSP) receiver package includes the equipment needed to have your ListenIR system running and available quickly
High-performance ListenIR receiver provides the best signal pickup and range of any IR system on the market
Ideal for adding to or expanding an existing IR assistive listening system
Includes one (1) LR-4200-IR receiver, integrated neck loop/lanyard, and a universal ear speaker
Can be worn around the neck or with the belt clip, making it the most discreet listening device on the market
Integrated neck loop / lanyard with DSP loop driver improves the listening experience for T-coil users
Smallest device of its kind makes it easier to wear and for venues to dispense, store and maintain
Advanced green battery technology reduces costs of ownership and eliminates the hassle of purchasing, changing, and disposing of alkaline batteries”

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