SKU: LWR-1020-A1

“The Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 is a dedicated assistive listening receiver for use with a Listen EVERYWHERE server, allowing venues to meet ADA compliance with an audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening solution. Venues can simply lend receivers to guests who want to hear the audio loud and clear. Experience great quality audio and industry-leading low latency audio at your venue with the Listen EVERYWHERE Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020.

Customize the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 with the free Listen EVERYWHERE Cloud Services tool. Easily reflect your venue branding by customizing the app theme colors, channel names and images, welcome videos or logos, and sliding banners to personalize your guest’s experience.

From houses of worship to theaters, higher education and more, the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 is an excellent assistive listening choice.

This is a reconditioned and repurposed mobile device, which has been altered to perform only the function of assistive listening via the Listen EVERYWHERE application, with no other device services or applications accessible. This product is being offered to you from Listen Technologies who has no affiliation with the original manufacturer (OM), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, or any carrier. OM has not reconditioned or repurposed this mobile device, is not related in any way to the parties who have reconditioned, repurposed, and repackaged it, and expressly disclaims all warranties with respect to its performance. OM will not provide any product or service assistance, product use information, software upgrades, rebates, or recalls. All product warranties and service assistance are offered solely from Listen Technologies.”


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Product Description

“Meet ADA compliance with dedicated Wi-Fi Audio Receiver
Unlimited channel support
Low Latency
Great quality and reliability
Simple to setup
Extremely easy for guests to use
Supports Bluetooth® connectivity to headphones, speakers, and hearing aids
Supports hearing aid telecoils with optional Neck Loop accessories (LA-438)”

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