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GSM immune double flex gooseneck microphone of 40 cm with push & lock mechanism, providing consistent and high bandwidth, low equivalent noise, excellent front to back ratio and a frequency response boost around 4kHz resulting in increased clarity and augmented intelligibility. Length 400mm

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Product Description

This brand-new Dual Flex gooseneck microphone comes in several lengths (40, 50 and 60 cm), provides exceptional sound quality and guarantees low susceptibility to mobile phones. With flexible top and lower sections, the microphone has been designed for an easy and precise positioning as well as low visibility during meetings. The color of the LED indicator is configurable red or green for the inactive, active and request state. Made to match the Confidea Wireless G4 habitat, it is easy to mount. Simply push and lock to connect it, and effortlessly remove it from the station with a single push of the button.

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