Rechargeable Personal FM System (72-76 MHz) includes: (1) PPA T46 FM transmitter, (1) PPA R37N FM receiver, (1) MIC 090 mini lapel clip microphone, (1) HED 021 folding headphone, (1) EAR 041 single isolation earphone, (1) CHG 3502 two-bay charger, (2) BAT 026-2 AA rechargeable NiMH batteries, (2) CLP 023 belt clip, (1) CCS 043 leatherette carry case.


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Product Description

“The included transmitter can broadcast on 17 selectable channels on the 72-76 MHz and has an range of up to 150 feet. Listeners using the included receivers can listen by choosing from a variety of different earphones and headphone options. People with hearing aids can connect a neckloop (not included) to their headphone jack. This allows the audio from the transmitter to go directly to their hearing aids with Telecoil technology.

This FM listening system includes a transmitter, receiver, microphone, rechargeable batteries, charger, earphones, and headphones, all neatly packed in a portable carrying case for easy transport.

NOTE: The FCC approves the personal FM systems (FM PFM PRO and PFM PRO RCH) for operation in U.S. markets. You should check your government’s radio rules for 72-76 MHz use, as not all countries may allow this system.

DISCLAIMER: FCC rules limit use of this equipment to auditory assistance.

System Includes
(1) FM Body-pack Transmitter (PPA T46)
(1) FM Body-pack Receiver (PPA R37)
(1) Single Mini Earphone (EAR 041)
(1) Folding Headphone (HED 021)
(1) Audio Input Cable (WCA 087)
(1) Lavalier Microphone (MIC 090)
(2) AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries (BAT 026-2)
(1) System Carry Case (CCS 043)
(1) Dual Drop-in Charger (CHG 3502)
17 selectable channels 72-76 MHz
Auxiliary input — broadcast any audio source
FM signal, compression, mute control
Improves listening for individuals or groups
Lifetime PLUS Limited Warranty”

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