The only existing conferencing solution using infrared light/digital modulation is a best-seller for multipurpose meetings rooms, confidential meeting facilities, and teleconferencing applications. The technology ensures superb audio performance as the gooseneck microphone can best capture audio content while rejecting ambient noise. An infrared solution is inherently secure and guarantees no interference from RF systems.

This wireless system uses smart power offering a long battery life of 48 hours in conference mode and 10 hours in straight open mic. The detachable lithium battery recharges in just 2 hours.

Additional features available in option: built-in electronic voting buttons, language channel selectors (1+3 chs), automatic video tracking, audio recording, room combination, and remote control software.

All the equipment we sell is FCC approved for translation and assistive listening in the USA. Please call us if you need equipment that can be used overseas.


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