SKU: 71.98.2001

A touch screen flush mount station that can be configured both as a delegate or chairman unit including:- Microphone activation button- Screw lock microphone connector- Loudspeaker- 10″ capacitive touch screen- Anti-fingerprint coating- Microphone and request list control when configured as chairperson- USB for charging- Additional USB for connection to nameplate or fingerprint module- Borderless surface for easy cleaning- Integrated camera- Mifare card reader for authentication- Headphone connectorCan be powered over Plixus network or externallyD-MIC type microphone to be ordered separately.

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Product Description

uniCOS F/MM10 is specifically designed for the Plixus architecture and can be configured either as a delegate or a chairperson unit, which eliminates the need for different devices. Participants have access to all audible and visual information on their own uniCOS unit. They can speak, see, hear, and interact with delegate stations by combining video, audio, and document sharing on a 10″ touchscreen. The unit is easy to install via a single CAT 5e cable, and power is delivered over the Plixus network. The unit can be purchased with an adapted mounting bracket.

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