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Push to Talk Mic System

The success of every meeting is majorly dependent on the sound system, and excellent sound is a combination of unique designs and eminent functionality. Push to Talk mic systems are not limited to particular meetings, but they are used in conferences of all sizes and purposes.

The Push to Talk Mic system comes in diverse types that have different qualities and features, and a high price range.

ABBN has the Bosch CCS 1000 system, with a control unit and delegate mics. We have the Bosch case for 10 CCS 1000 delegate mics, which is at the same price as the Bosch case for a CCS 1000 control unit and six mics. We also have the Taiden wired conference system HCS 4886, the wireless version HCS 5300, as well as the Taiden Multimedia conference system HCS 8338.

The Push to Talk mic system comes with:

  • top-quality acoustical performance;
  • a push-button that allows delegates to speak when it is their turn;
  • a red-light microphone indicator; controls to adjust the number of open mics
  • and Chairman Units that can override the delegate mics when necessary.

Wired systems are daisy-chained for easy installation.

There are several uses of the Push to Talk mic system. Boardroom discussions are at the top of this list. The Push to Talk mic system allows for many people to participate in a meeting, by both speaking and listening. The Push to Talk mic systems are also used in panel discussions. Because of their versatility, this mic system is indispensable to any conference where multiple delegates need to speak.

The Push to Talk mic system is a great choice for many conferences because it can connect many microphones in the simplest way possible. This reduces the number of cables used and it saves cost, while still reducing noise infiltration; feedback; and the amount of time used in setting up.

The Usage of the Push to Talk mic system is not limited to the aforementioned. They are perfect for round-table discussions, multi-party negotiations, and panel discussions. They can be used on their own, as a stand-alone audio-visual solution. They can also be connected to a P.A. system to allow a larger audience to hear the discussion.

PTT mic systems can also be used in conjunction with a phone hybrid to allow telephone callers to participate or they can be connected to video conferencing systems for remote participation. Some systems incorporate advanced conferencing features such as voting, and paperless document display.

Push to Talk mic systems are often the most reliable solution for events with multiple speakers.

Everything about Push to Talk Mic Systems

Push to talk microphones (PTT mics), also referred to as conference microphones, are the kind of mics modern businesses need when holding interactive corporate events. You can use these microphones for any event with multiple speakers, who are usually seated. From small round-table discussions to big multi-lateral conferences of 500 people or more, a conference mic system will make the discussion easier. The key difference between these microphones and conventional microphones is that they come with a built-in loudspeaker and headphone jack, and an on/off button for the microphone. A speaker has to push a button to talk and that reduces the possibility of speakers interrupting each other. The on/off feature also minimizes unwanted background noises and feedback issues that a large number of open, conventional mics could produce.

Which types of PTT mics does ABBN offer for purchase?

  • Bosch CCS 1000 System
  • Taiden Wired Conference System HCS 4886
  • Taiden Wireless Conference System HCS 5300
  • Taiden Multimedia Conference System HCS 8338

Key benefits of using PTT Mic Systems

The most obvious benefit of these microphone systems: They guarantee that every event attendee is heard. Regular microphones sometimes create shouting battles and chaos that leave so many voices unheard. Other key benefits include:

  • PTT mics ensure a smooth flow of dialogue
  • A Chairman’s unit or a control unit facilitates orderly conversations. The person acting as the chairperson allows speakers to be heard only when it’s their time to speak and can deactivate microphones in case a delegate misuses their privilege to be heard. Debates never get out of hand!
  • A delegate microphone unit allows participants to “raise their hands” electronically through a button.
  • The Taiden systems have Delegate units that are enabled with voting systems which can be used as voting platforms in events that require a popular vote. Delegates can communicate their decisions to the chairperson by pushing one of up to 5 selection buttons, facilitating a streamlined voting process.

Why you should buy ABBN’s Push to Talk Mics

  • You don’t need to be an IT expert to set up or operate our PTT mic systems. That saves you time and money.
  • ABBN systems are very affordable. If you can’t afford a wired conference mic system for your upcoming event, you can rent from us at a friendly price.
  • We give our customers free, no-obligation quotes.
  • For virtual events, you can integrate our PTT microphones with your video conferencing or teleconferencing platforms.


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