Sennheiser	SL Interpreter

Sennheiser SL Interpreter

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Product Description

Compact interpreter console.


The SL Interpreter is a compact interpreter console for simultaneous interpretation. The station supports two interpreters, offers floor or relay channel monitoring, activation of microphone inputs, and routing of interpretation signals to different outputs. The internal distribution amplifier enables easy system extension of up to four interpreter consoles via standard Cat5 cabling. Ideal for use with Sennheiser’s infrared, Tourguide 2020 or Touguide 1039 systems for a compact, portable, quick-to-install and easy-to-use interpretation system.


  • stand-alone interpreter console - no need for external equipment

  • easy to use

  • up to 4 consoles can be cascaded for translation into multiple languages

  • individual volume and tone controls for 2 interpreters

  • easy cascading of up to 4 consoles with Cat 5 cable

  • floor language feed-through

  • multiple microphone and headset options

What's in the box?

  • SL Interpreter
  • Power Supply
  • Cat5 Link Cable
  • Manual
  • Safety Guide

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