Sennheiser	SL MIC HUB 1

Sennheiser SL MIC HUB 1



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Product Description

Microphone Hub for (4) Microphones.


The SL Mic Hub 1 simplifies the cabling for integrated audio conference systems. It reduces the amount of cables that have to be integrated by a significant amount by bundling up the audio signals into a single Cat 5 cable.


  • Can connect up to 4 microphones

  • Can connect mute and hook switch

  • Plug & play connection

  • Bundles up 4 audio signals into a standard Cat5 cable

  • Distributes logic signals to TeamConnect Combox

  • Can be cascaded

What's in the box?

  • 1 SL Mic Hub 1
  • 1 Control cable 3 m, 6-pin / 6-pin Terminal connector
  • 1 Adapter cable 30 cm, RJ 45 / 12-pin Terminal connector
  • Leaflet

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