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Discover the essence of ABBN’s expertise by exploring our offerings. We unveil various solutions tailored to your diverse conference and event interpretation needs.

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E-Commerce and Rental Solutions for Interpreting Equipment

Online Purchase Platform

Explore our user-friendly e-commerce platform for a seamless buying experience. Browse, compare, and purchase interpreting equipment with just a few clicks.

Custom Rental Packages

Tailor your rental needs with our custom packages. Choose the equipment for how long you need them, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Our e-commerce and rental solutions come with customer support. Our team can address any queries or concerns anytime, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

Bundled Solutions

Simplify your shopping experience with our bundled solutions—purchase or rent packages with all the necessary interpreting equipment for a comprehensive and cohesive setup.

Virtual Consultations

Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your requirements. Our services extend beyond transactions, providing expert guidance for your interpreting equipment needs.


Customized Requests

Your event, your way. Submit your customized requests for interpreting equipment, and let our expert team craft a solution that perfectly aligns with your event vision.

Client Support and Feedback

Dedicated Customer Support

Post-Event Assistance

Feedback Gathering

Feedback Gathering

Experience the best Technology

We are not just providing technology but setting a new standard in conference and event interpretation.