Congratulations! You've narrowed your selection down to a single language semi-portable 72MHz FM system, which is a popular choice. Any of the systems below will serve you well, or you can easily build your own system by choosing a transmitter and any number of receivers.

One last factor you may want to consider is whether to add an Interpreter Control Unit, otherwise known as an Interpreter Console.

For many customers, budget dictates that they cannot include an interpreter control unit in their system, but for those that can, it adds several useful features to make the interpreters' job easier:

A) An interpreter console sends audio from your mixer to 2 pairs of headphones so a team of 2 interpreters (working in the same language combination) can hear clearly. Interpreters have to hear clearly so they can do their job.

B) It also allows these 2 interpreters to switch rapidly and silently from one to the other, so they can work as a tag-team.

Williams Sound Value Pack System VP-37

Williams Sound Value Pack System VP-37


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