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Taiden Wired Conference System HCS 4886

Taiden Wired Conference System HCS 4886

Code: HCS-4886


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Product Description

The multi-functional delegate unit provides facilities for speaking, registering a request-to-speak, voting, selecting language channels, contactless IC-card reading and displaying conference and user-related information. Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones.

Loudspeaker with superior acoustics with minimal feedback for increasing intelligibility.

HCS-4886NX/52 Operator Unit is only used for intercom facility control, and cannot be used for conference discussion. Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones. Channel selector and graphic display with backlighting, able to display characters from complex European languages or icon-based-scripts such as Chinese. Channel selection is automatically limited to the number of language channels available. The loudspeaker offers superior acoustics with minimal feedback for enhanced intelligibility.

Under external mode, when an external call happens, operator listens to the content from the built-in loudspeaker or the earphone.

By pressing the microphone On/Off button he talks to the caller (PTT mode), and the built-in loudspeaker is muted. 


  • Original MCA-STREAM digital audio processing and transmitting technology
  • Up to 64 CHs audio signals transmitted on a dedicated 6-pin cable
  • Supporting 48 kHz audio sampling rate, all 64 channels with a frequency response of 30 Hz~20 kHz
  • Increased reliability with "Closed Loop - Daisy Chain" connection topology, supports "PnP"
  • Gain and EQ (5 band) of each microphone adjustable separately
  • Equipped with optical fiber interface to combine two widely separated conference rooms to form one unique coherent system
  • TCP/IP communication protocol in PC control
  • Remote control, remote diagnosis and remote update
  • Built-in multi-channel intercom facility
  • System power controllable by central control system
  • D5Supports combining/separating meeting rooms by split/merge function
  • Connection facility for additional condenser or dynamic microphones, expanding user’s application spectrum


  • 256x32 LCD, for intercom/external communication
  • Detachable microphone included (standard length: 41 cm / 16.1") 
  • Tabletop, charcoal gray panel + black metal base

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