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Tour Guide (Portable) Systems

Tour Guide Systems convey the voice of a tourguide or interpreter to listeners who would not otherwise be able to hear, perhaps due to distance, background noise, or hearing loss.


We offer 1-way tourguide systems, and 2-way digital systems for groups where the listeners want to ask questions.

Tour guide systems are ideal for small events, conferences, and other occasions. Since they offer you a way to communicate with your listeners, you must have the right equipment. You need something that can help participants understand your words with clarity. Furthermore, the devices you buy should be able to minimize the background noise.

Williams Sound has considered all the factors and made a tour guide system that can facilitate you by all means. The company offers you a 1-way tour guide system and 2-way digital system. You can opt for the ones that go well with the type of events you organize. Note that both systems are portable, making your task much easier and accessible.

1-Way Tour Guide Systems


Optimal Control

The tour guide or interpreter can communicate with the audience or participants without worrying about getting disturbed. Hence, they have full control over the event, as only the interpreter can speak during the event.

Many Options

Williams Sound offers multiple options like TGS PRO 738, TGS Pro 737, TGS PRO MULTI, and others. Each product provides you with several benefits, such as durable construction and a longer life span. Make sure to choose one that can meet your needs.

Easy to Use

These tour guide equipment are pretty easy to use. You don’t need special training or education to operate them. Even if you find it hard to get the hang of it, you can look in the instruction manual you get with the product.

Instruction to Use

Based on the product you purchase, you need to set the receivers, transmitters, headsets, and batteries so that they can work together. After that, turn on the system to enjoy the benefits and guide the audience.

2-Way Tour Guide Equipment


2-Way Communication

If your event requires you to interact with each participant, this option is the best for you. This type of equipment allows the speaker or instructor to communicate with the participants and vice versa. The audience can ask questions, give their views, and express whatever they want in a clear voice.

Several Options

Like a one-way tour guide system, you have multiple options for a two-way tour guide system. You can invest in an ideal ListenTALK Collabor-8 System, ListenTALK LKR-12 Basic Listener, or Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System DWS-COM-6-400-PRO. You can also look for other options and determine if they facilitate you better.

Easy Use

Like all other Williams Sound products, this tour guide system is also easy to use. You only need to turn on the services and set them according to your event.

Instruction to Use

If you have purchased an entire system, you need to connect each device. Turn on the equipment, configure their settings based on your needs, and start using. You can choose between the different options in each device to set it based on your event.

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