Translation Systems for Houses of Worship

Translation Equipment

If you have listeners who do not understand the language of your services, a translation or interpreting equipment system will help you bridge the language barrier.

If you are looking for an automatic translation machine, we are sorry to say there is no such equipment yet. For a more detailed explanation, please click here: Automatic Translation Equipment

You will need someone to act as the interpreter. Our equipment will allow the interpreter's voice to reach those who need to hear it, while minimizing the disturbance to those who don't need it.

Many houses of worship use a simple portable system, such as the

Williams Sound TGS Pro 737

Williams Sound TGS Pro 737.

For a sophisticated system with multi-language capability, consider combining a

Williams Sound IC-2 Interpreter Console

Williams Sound IC-2 Interpreter Control Unit


with a

Williams Sound PPA 457
 Williams Sound PPA 457.

Or just give us a call! 480 596 0047. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect system for your needs and your budget!

Williams Sound Value Pack System VP-37

Williams Sound Value Pack System VP-37


Williams Sound Interpreter Console IC-2

Williams Sound Interpreter Console IC-2


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