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Williams Sound IR System

Williams Sound IR System

We at ABBN operate as a bridge between countries by providing Infrared sound systems at varying prices. We offer the best prices that manufacturers allow us to advertise and it is always advisable you call us before making an order, especially if it is a large order.
Our customers are offered telephone technical support all through their time with us at no cost. When you buy our IR Systems, we can help with any issues you might have with your gadget. We are specialists that operate with translation and assistive listening equipment daily.
Every one of our devices is FCC approved for usage in translation and listening aids in the United States. And, unlike most FM systems, infrared audio systems are legal for use throughout the world.

Why are IR Systems used?

Infrared systems are employed to provide language interpretation or assistive listening in theaters, conference venues, and houses of worship.
The main advantage of infrared over FM systems is that the signal cannot pass through opaque walls. This element makes the signal unable to be eavesdropped upon. For this reason, IR systems are often used in high-security and other government meetings and courtrooms.

The benefits of using an IR System

While using an Infrared System, you will not hear unnecessary radio signals. If you choose to listen via hearing aids, you can put on a neck loop, but if you don’t want to receive signals via hearing aids, you use a receiver that has headphones.

How does an IR System work?

Infrared Systems convert audio signals into infrared light, which beams throughout the room. A receiver converts the light back into sound for the listener.

Why buy from ABBN.com?

Best Prices: ABBN sells at the lowest prices the manufacturers will allow advertising. It’s a good idea to call us before placing an order, especially if it’s a large one, because we can often offer better prices that we are not allowed to advertise online.

Lifetime Free Technical Support: Yes LIFETIME! If you buy from ABBN, you can always call us during business hours, and we will assist you over the phone with any problems you may be having with your equipment. If we can’t come up with a fix over the phone, we can tell you where to send it for repair, if necessary.

We Know Our Stuff: We don’t want to brag, but we are specialists. We work with translation and assisted listening equipment every day. If you have a question, ABBN usually knows the answer without having to consult the manual!

We Care: We want you to have the best system for your needs. ABBN won’t try to sell you something that is more expensive than you need it to be! And we’re nice people (at least, our mothers tell us we are!)