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Williams Sound

Williams Sound products offer an attractive balance between reasonable prices and excellent quality.

Subcategories of Williams Sound Products:

  • Most Williams Sound products can be used for both language translation (with the help of a microphone and a human interpreter) or assisted listening.
  • Williams Sound is the most popular brand ABBN sells.
  • The company was founded in 1976.
  • They manufacture many of their products in their Minnesota plant and supplement their U.S. production with local sub-contractors and overseas partners.
  • Williams Sound offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their main products (transmitters and receivers) and a 90 warranty on their accessories (headphones, chargers, cases, etc).

Do you struggle with damaged, broken, and malfunctioning interpreting systems during your conferences? Or do you experience poor sound quality or buzzing sounds while using mics?

In that case, Williams Sound offers you a premium quality, durable, and promising interpreting system so that you never have to feel embarrassed with an unfunctional sound system. This company was founded in 1976, and since then they have been serving several companies and businesses and helping them improve their operations.

You can use Williams Sound products for both assisted listening and language translations. From transmitters and receivers to mics and headphones, you can find everything in their comprehensive list of products.

Categories of Williams Sound Products

Williams Sound FM Systems

  • You can find many sound systems under their category, like FM ADA KIT 37.
  • These systems are available at a lower price and offer versatility and easy use.
  • They offer you every piece of equipment you need for assistive listening.
  • You can enjoy multiple receivers and transmitters and involve several users.

Williams Sound FM Transmitters

  • You can choose between two types of transmitters, i.e., table-top transmitters and portable transmitters.
  • Portable transmitters help with translations and tour guides.
  • A table-top transmitter is used for translation or assisted listening.
  • Table-top transmitters offer a range of around 1000 feet, while portable transmitters offer a 150 feet range.

William Sound FM Receivers

  • The company offers you three receiver models, i.e., R38, R37-8, and R37.
  • R37 works best for tuning one channel, R37-8 allows you to select 1-8 channels, and R38 offers you 17 channels.
  • All three of them offer you digitally synthesized sound and digital tuning.
  • The products are durable and long-lasting.

Williams Sound Accessories

  • You can find a broad range of accessories under this category that you can pair with other systems such as Case CCS 056-2, Ear 014-10, EAR 008, etc.
  • They are cost-effective and work well with other Williams Sound products.
  • These products are durable and offer a longer lifespan.
  • The company offers you free lifetime technical support.

Williams Sound IR System

  • You will never hear irritating and unnecessary radio signals while using the IR system.
  • These products help you with assistive listening or language interpretation in conference venues, theaters, and houses of worship.
  • They allow you to catch signals that can be stopped through opaque walls.
  • These products work best for government meetings and high-security events.

Williams Sound Interpreter Consoles

  • It offers you a simultaneous interpretation of more than one language.
  • This product is ideal for presentation-style conferences that involve more than 14 languages.
  • You can pair it with infrared transmitters and Williams Sound FM.
  • It allows you to organize secure and effective meetings and events.

Williams Sound reviews of manufacturer

Williams Sound has high grades on both Google and Amazon. It also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Kevin M. Klein: Great hearing enhancement system with adjustable channel selection at a great price!

Ronald R. Anderson: My husband uses the device all the time for dancing to squared dance callers. It’s a great device.

John William: The Williams Sound PPA is now being used by my church with a membership of 1000 persons. We have a large main hall, and the system is able to clearly receive the signal in the most distant area of the hall, and even outside the building. It is very reliable, and everyone who uses it is very satisfied with its performance.

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