Williams Sound TGS PRO 738

Williams Sound TGS PRO 738

Code: TGS_PRO_738


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Headphones/earpieces (Qty of 10):

Product Description

Our most versatile Tour Guide System!

The TGS PRO 738 features 17 available channels - perfect for avoiding interference in crowded tourist locations where others are using similar systems.

If you add the optional headphones or earphones, this 10 person kit includes everything you need to offer assistive listening to your tour listeners, or simultaneous interpreting without any interference!

System Includes

(1) PPA T46 Transmitter

(10) PPA R38N Receivers

(1) MIC 100 Rear-Wear Headset Microphone

(11) BAT 001-2 (AA Alkaline Batteries)

(1) CCS 030 S Carry Case

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