Push-to-Talk Mics

If you have an event where a lot of people will speak, such as a round-table discussion, regular mics will give you feedback problems. So, for those kind of events, you need push-to-talk mics. They are specially designed to limit the number of open mics at any given time.

Push-to-talk (or PTT ) microphone systems include a Chairman’s Unit that can override the discussion, if the debate gets out of hand!

Our PTT mic systems are easy to set up and simple to operate, leaving you free to discuss!

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Companies or businesses that organize round table discussions find it challenging to maintain decorum in the room, especially when there are multiple speakers. This becomes even more challenging when you use standard interpretation equipment.

Regular mics make it hard for everyone to listen. This is when you need Wired Conference Mic System by A Bridge between Nations (ABBN). These push-to-talk mics make the process easier and offer convenience for the speaker and other participants.

Features of Conference Mic System

Gives You Optimal Control

This wired conference mic system has push-to-talk mics that you can control through the chairman’s unit. Moreover, the chairman’s unit can help you override or sensor the discussion if any participant misbehaves.

High-Quality Mics

These high-quality mics offer a clear and loud voice to people sitting in the room so that each participant can understand the debate. Unlike other mics, the speaker doesn’t need to speak loudly.

Wired Microphones

Wired microphones are more reliable, easy to use, and don’t require batteries. If you are planning to install conference mic systems in a place, this option is the best.

Easy Operation

You don’t need to train or learn for hours to use this microphone system. It offers you simple touch buttons you can use during the event.

Most importantly, only the person leading the conference needs to operate it. As one person will have full control, there is less risk of mistakes.

Sleek and Elegant Look

This Conference Mic System by ABBN has a contemporary and sleek look. We have used modern techniques to keep the body sleek, elegant, and compact.

Compact System

Unlike other microphones systems, these push-to-talk mic systems don’t take a lot of space. Furthermore, you can easily hide the wires and other devices under the table, or you can simply organize the cables above the table. In any case, the system will keep your space organized.

Rent Push-To-Talk Microphone System

Don’t have the money to purchase premium quality and high-performing microphone systems? If so, ABBN has a solution to your problem. We offer you Push-to-Talk Microphone System on rent. This way, you can benefit from the high-quality mics system for your upcoming conference or event.

The best part is that you can stay within budget, but still organize a perfect conference. By renting this system, you will get all the essential tools and devices.

How to Use Interpretation Equipment?

The conference leader has a chairman unit that they can use to turn on or off the speaker’s mic. Each participant will have their own microphone that comes with a push-button that they need to push while speaking. Additionally, the leader will also have an indicator to set the open mics based on their need.

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